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Child Health

Do you have a child with health challenges.


Frequent colds, eczema, asthma/allergies, digestive concerns, picky eating, food sensitivities, behavioural problems. 


I've been there with my kids and I know how hard it is to find answers.


Lets discuss diet, supplementation and possible specialized testing for food sensitivities, environmental toxic exposure, GI infections, candida or imbalances within the gut so you can get to the underlying root of their condition 

Maybe you want to learn to cook healthy kid approved snacks, or how to cook for a child with gluten, dairy or other sensitivities. 

Learn how to keep your child healthy throughout the year with healing foods, herbs and tonics

Or how to reduce your families exposure to environmental and household toxins 

Whatever health challenges your family is facing I am here to help

Child health consult 

60 min. $125 Come with your questions and leave with targeted nutrition and lifestyle modifications, suggested functional testing, 

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